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Your Source for the Best Priced Used and Off Contract Pre-owned Phones in Canada

Lets face it Mobile phone companies are constantly coming out with newer and newer models of Cell phones and these mobile phone providers are trying to force people into long contracts to get these new cell phones. 

For most people’s use, going a few years back on a mobile device will still get the job done when it comes to speed, camera quality, and everything else that’s important in a smartphone. You’ll also ensure that you’re not stuck paying an extra monthly fee to pay for a new phone for years as well. With carriers offering cheaper rates for bringing your own mobile device, a used phone is a great way to reduce your monthly phone bill!

Secondhand cell phone devices still have a useful life ahead of them, and by choosing to purchase a used mobile device, you’re choosing to make an environmentally-conscious choice by ensuring that every mobile phone can be used to its fullest potential. The alternative of recycling or having a cell phone end up in a landfill is far less than ideal, given a phone still may be able to work just as well as it was able to when it was first purchased. 

Why Purchase a Used Cell Phone

Perhaps you are looking for a different phone than your current phone carrier does not offer….. now with CellResell you have choices. You will also be able to choose from a wider variety of used mobile devices than you normally would be able to with the offerings of the phone carriers. If you don’t need a phone with 4 cameras on it, or the only phones that are available in stores are those that are too big to use with one hand, opting for a used device that fits exactly what you’re looking for may be the right choice to make.

At CellResell.ca we realize that not everyone needs or can afford a brand new mobile phone as the prices for a Brand new phone that can easily be $700-$1500+. But CellResell has changed that by bringing you pre-owned popular model cell phones in near new condition at substantial savings on cell phones that you can afford. All our phones are unlocked so you can use them with any carrier you like. All our phones are fully tested and cleaned prior to shipping so you are Guaranteed a good reliable top quality mobile phone purchase. We also stand behind our products with a 30day warranty if you have any problem with your phone purchase and shipping to you is always Free.

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I love the phone I got from CellResell, It was like brand new and saved me alot of money compared to other used cell phone websites.
Angela Sendler
Book Keeper
Great Service, Ordering was easy and delivery fast and very impressed with the quality of phone I recieved.
Oliver Snow
Service Manager
Oliver Snow - Cellresell happy customer Review
I have ordered several times from CellResell and it has always been a good experience. I recommend them to all my family and friends.
Katerina Bezobrazova
CellResell Review
We Provide The Best Quality Products and Service in the Industry

What sets CellResell.ca apart from other Used cell phone resellers?   

We want you to have the best experience buying from our online store and have strived to provide the best products at the best prices.

We ship your phone on the next business day. Shipping time it usually takes 2-5 business days to arrive to you in most cases.

All phones listed on our website are Unlocked  and will work on all major wireless carriers. We guarantee each phone will work with the carrier listed.

Each phone comes with a third-party charger cable and block. Other accessories, like Earpods and screen protectors are sold separately. You can add these onto your order at checkout.

FREE Regular Expedited shipping is included with each phone order.

The conditions Good, Very Good, and Like New only refer to the cosmetic condition of each phone. Every phone in our inventory will function like new, guaranteed.

Detailed information on each condition found here.

We provide a 30 Day Warranty.

Don’t waste Money, Buy Phones That are Pre-Owned

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