Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Most orders are shipped within 24-48hrs unless we are out of stock of an item.

We ship by Canada Post, US Post and Couriers within the continental United States and Canada. We will ship your unit out approximately 2- 3 business days after your initial order if the unit is available. You should receive your unit within 7-10 days after leaving our warehouse considering there are no delays with the shipping company or with any weather conditions.

Upon arrival of your unit, it is YOUR responsibility to inspect the product for damages. You must inspect for any type of damage and report it IMMEDIATELY. For any major damages Immediately contact us for more information. Also we will need you to email pictures of any damage to us right away to info@cellresell.ca

It is important that you inspect your package by opening it, please open it carefully and keep the original packaging using a box cutter or cutting knife. If the package is damaged, you may have to put the product back in the original packaging to prevent from further damage back to our warehouse.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT WEEKS OR MONTHS TO OPEN UP YOUR PACKAGE, PLEASE INSPECT IT IMMEDIATELY EVEN IF YOU WILL NOT BE USING THE PHONE. The shipping company requires the customer to report any damages the day of delivery.

The purchaser of the mobile device accepts full responsibility and liability for its proper use, and operation. The purchaser is responsible for any installation cost. The purchaser further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless of the seller, its officers and employees from any claims, actions, lawsuits, judgments or liability arising from the use of this product. By purchasing this item the purchaser agrees to the above conditions of this sale and absolves seller, its officers, and employees of any and all liability regardless of its origin in the use of this product.

It is the customers responsibility to check if these units will comply with their state, Province and country codes.

Prices, pictures, descriptions, and content on our website are subject to change without notice. Pictures are not to scale. Additional descriptive pictures of our units may not have been taken of the specific model, but some are universal pictures that acts as a reference. We will not be held accountable for wrong  model being ordered. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they are ordering the required model for your application. Any and all extra charges for exchanging mobile device to a different model after original product has been shipped will be the responsibility of and be born entirely by the purchaser.

We reserve the right to cancel any orders with return of payment at Cellresell.ca’s Discression and without compensation.

Shipping costs for flat rate items are for most locations in Canada, We reserve the right to charge fees to cover actual shipping costs in the event shipping costs exceed the flat rate fees charged. In the event that there are extra fees purchaser will be notified before shipping of any extra fees. If extra shipping fees are not agreed to be charged then order may be cancelled and all funds returned to Purchaser.

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